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About Us

Our immigration lawyers in Germany are prepared to assist foreigners in all the aspects concerning relocation to this country. With an extensive experience in numerous areas of the immigration law, our team can represent foreign persons, as well as foreign investors and those moving to Germany, to find out basic information on the immigration procedures available here, as well as important regulations they must comply with.

Over the years, our lawyers have helped foreigners in providing up-to-date legal advice on the immigration visas available in this country, on the regulations that can apply to specific nationalities or on the steps for obtaining a residence permit in Germany. You can also rely on our team on the procedures applicable for family reunification programs and we can also assist you with in-depth information on the citizenship requirements available here.

Citizenship in Germany can be obtained if specific conditions are met and our immigration lawyer can offer extensive legal advice on this subject. We can assist a wide category of persons, such as those moving to Germany for study purposes or those seeking employment in this country.

With regards to employment matters, our team is ready to assist with professional advice on the conditions one must meet for intra-corporate transfers, which can take place when a foreign company operating in Germany wants to transfer in this country one or more employees working in other countries, or we can provide information on the legal grounds through which a person can obtain a settlement permit, issued for highly skilled specialists.

As a general rule, the citizens of the European Union (EU) do not need to obtain any special document if they are interested in relocating to Germany. More stringent requirements are applicable to those living outside the EU and we highly recommend foreigners to address our immigration lawyer in Germany for personalized advice.

What are the basic immigration services our team can provide in Germany?

As presented above, our team has the necessary legal expertise to represent clients from all over the world. We can provide tailored legal representation based on the characteristics of each case. Even though a person can go through this process on his or her own, due to the complicated legal procedures and even the language barriers, we recommend you to be represented by a lawyer in various immigration matters. Some of the services we can assist you with are the following:

applying for a visa – the German immigration law provides the right to obtain a visa for matters such as employment, training, research and other areas of interest;
• obtaining an employment permit – there are several types of permits, issued based upon the category in which the person is included (general employment permit, permits for highly skilled persons, etc.);
• obtaining a temporary residence permit – the permit is required in the case in which a foreigner (regardless of the country of origin) lives in Germany for a period longer than three months;
• obtaining a permanent residence permit – this type of document will allow a foreigner the right to live here on an indefinite period of time, after living in Germany for several years;
• applying for a family reunification visa – the document will grant foreigners from third countries to bring their families with them in Germany for a determined or undetermined period of time.

Where do foreign nationalities prefer relocation to Germany?

Our lawyers can help those interested in Germany immigration relocate to any of the German regions. Of course, the largest cities in Germany are preferred by foreigners due to the fact that the job opportunities are the most developed here. With regards to the nationalities that have the highest shares amongst the foreigners living in Germany, we mention the following:

• the EU citizens account for the largest number of foreigners living here, representing a total of 4,7 million persons at the level of 2017;
• in 2017, Romanian citizens accounted for 179,800 new arrivals;
• Polish citizens accounted for 118,000 new arrivals and the 3rd most important foreign population in that year arrived from Bulgaria (66,900 persons);
• the highest number of EU foreigners are from Poland, with a total of 866,900 persons;
• Italy is the 2nd most important nationality – 643,100 persons and Romania is the 3rd – 622,800 persons.

Persons interested in applying for a German visa or a residence permit, or those who are interested in relocation to Germany on a permanent basis (which can grant the right to German citizenship) can address our immigration lawyer for professional assistance. Contact us for more details.