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Immigrate to Germany from Russia

Immigrate to Germany from Russia

Germany is one of the most desirable immigration destinations for both EU and non-EU citizens. While for the first category of applicants, there are no visa requirements, the second must obtain work and residence permits most of the time. Russian citizens are also subject to visa requirements if they want to relocate to Germany.

If you want to immigrate to Germany from Russia under the current conditions of the conflict in Ukraine, we invite you to reach out to our lawyers. You can rely on us for various immigration services.

Are there any special requirements for Russian citizens?

One of the most frequent questions our immigration lawyer receives from persons who want to move to Germany from Russia under the current circumstances is if they need to comply with any additional requirements. The answer is no. Furthermore, the German government has taken measures to support Russian citizens who are endangered by the conflict in Ukraine.

In this light:

  • the German government has issued a fast-track visa approval procedure for Russian citizens at risk;
  • Russian citizens who work for international companies can also move to Germany based on an expedited procedure of obtaining work permits;

For international workers, the quick pre-approval procedure is in place until September the 30th 2022.

These special admission conditions apply to journalists and other categories of persons who can prove they are not safe in Russia. Other persons who want to relocate to Germany from Russia must first obtain the limited duration Schengen visa with a validity of 90 days.

If you plan to immigrate to Germany from Russia under other conditions, we kindly invite you to refer to our lawyers who will offer appropriate support. Non-EU citizens must comply with different requirements if they want to move and obtain German residence permits. They can be eligible for temporary or permanent visas depending on how long they have been legally living here. For tailored support, please address our lawyers who can advise you.

General rules under which one can move to Germany from Russia

Persons who do not fall under the categories presented earlier can immigrate to Germany from Russia by applying for one of the following types of residence permits:

  • employment under the usual residence and work permit application process;
  • education, as Russian students can still enroll with German universities;
  • family reunification for those who have German citizens or residents as relatives.

Our immigration lawyers in Germany can assist with the procedure of obtaining a residence permit as a Russian citizen.

We can assist if you have ancestors and want to apply for German citizenship by descent. While this is the simplest way to gain a passport, securing the documents to do so may not be that easy to obtain, especially if you have lived abroad for a long time and have recently returned or plan on returning to this country.

Basic requirements to immigrate to Germany from Russia

People who decide to relocate to Germany from Russia must respect the same requirements as other non-EU citizens going through the same procedure, namely:

  • they must have a valid passport at the time of the application (a minimum validity of 6 months is recommended for travel documents);
  • they must also have sufficient funds to support their temporary stay here (as a reference, the minimum monthly salary in Germany is 1,621 euros for 2022);
  • applicants must also have health insurance and a minimum knowledge of the German language.

English is also accepted, however, in order to attend German language classes.

If you need assistance in moving to Germany, our immigration law firm can advise on all relevant matters you need to consider.

How many foreigners live in Germany?

During the Covid- 19 pandemic both immigration and emigration have declined in Germany, however, numbers started growing at the end of 2020. According to the latest statistics:

  • at the end of 2020, there were around 10.6 million foreign citizens living in Germany;
  • out of these, 12.4% or 1.3 million residents were Turkish;
  • Russians represent around 2.2% of the expats living in Germany, with 235,000 inhabitants.

If you decide to immigrate to Germany from Russia and need guidance, contact us!