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Immigrate to Germany from Ukraine

Immigrate to Germany from Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens who are currently entering Germany can benefit from the temporary protection status provided by an EU directive enabled soon after the 24th of February. This will grant those fleeing from their home country the possibility to reside in Germany for 90 days without a visa and to apply for an extension after the end of this period.

For those seeking to immigrate to Germany from Ukraine on a longer-term or even permanently, other options and formalities are in place. In the following article, we invite you to discover how our immigration lawyers in Germany can help if you are a Ukrainian citizen.

All visa requirements removed for Ukrainian citizens

People who want to relocate to Germany from Ukraine now will not be required to apply for entry visas, considering non-EU citizens are required to obtain tourist or other types of entry permits, including digital nomad visas.

The government enabled special protection measures for those who want to wait until the conflict ends.

Protection measures enabled by the German government for Ukrainian citizens

Those who want to move to Germany from Ukraine in the current conditions may first apply for temporary protection and then decide if they want to return to their home country or leave for another country. They can also decide to remain here, case in which they need to apply for German residence permits.

Here are the main aspects to consider about the temporary protection status enabled on March 4th, 2022:

  • it applies to Ukrainian citizens who have been forced to leave their home country on February 24th of 2022;
  • these must Ukrainian citizens or foreign citizens who resided there before February 24th;
  • the directive also applies to non-Ukrainians who found themselves there at the moment the conflict broke out.

Once arrived in Germany, these are registered with the Migration Office and directed to shelters and support programs.

If you have entered Germany and need assistance in applying for the documents that enable you to remain, our local lawyers are at your service. If you want to immigrate to Germany from Ukraine without applying for refugee status, we recommend using our services.

Our immigration lawyers in Germany can handle any relocation procedure, from simple to more complex ones. We can help you apply for German residence permits by complying with the legal requirements imposed by the authorities here, as well as with applications for citizenship.

German citizenship by marriage is one of the fastest ways to secure a passport. You need to be married to a German national for at least 2 years to get residency, then you must live for a few more years, and thus become eligible for a German passport. Our lawyers can assist in such matters, so feel free to contact us.

How to immigrate to Germany from Ukraine on a long term

People who want to move to Germany from Ukraine for a longer period than one year (as the temporary protection status can be granted for this period) must comply with additional requirements. Among these, they must apply for residence permits. The procedure is not complicated, as it takes around 2 months to obtain a temporary residence card.

At the same time, Ukrainian citizens can also apply for work permits that will enable them to enjoy all the benefits that come with working in Germany. However, under the current situation, an exception has been enabled for Ukrainians who can enter employment contracts based on their residence permits.

The validity of a temporary residence permit can be of 2 or 3 years, after which one can apply for permanent residency.

Our immigration law firm in Germany is at your disposal if you choose this path to relocate here.

How many Ukrainian refugees has Germany welcomed so far?

Between the end of February and the middle of May, approximately 700,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Germany, according to data cited by this site. Also:

  • if at the middle of March, the number of refugees was around 15,000 per day, in May it slowed to around 2,000 per day;
  • around 40% of them were minors, while more than 80% are women;
  • ever since the aggression started, more than 6 million Ukrainian citizens have left their country.

Feel free to contact our immigration lawyers for support in relocating to Germany from Ukraine.