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Immigration Services in Frankfurt

Immigration Services in Frankfurt

As one of the most important economic centers of Germany, Frankfurt is a city that has been constantly attracting foreigners, especially those who were interested in employment opportunities. Approximately a fifth of the city’s population is of foreign origin and persons interested in immigration in Frankfurt can request more details from our immigration lawyer in Germany on the services that they can benefit from.

Our lawyers in Frankfurt can help you obtain a residence permit in Germany.

What are the main services for immigration in Frankfurt?

Persons moving to Germany can request any type of immigration service that is prescribed under the national law. Our immigration lawyer in Germany has the necessary legal expertise to represent a wide range of cases, starting with urgent cases, such as those when a foreigner applies for the asylum status, to common situations when one is interested in immigration in Frankfurt or another German city for study or touristic purposes. Below, we present a part of our basic immigration services:

• legal assistance in obtaining a short-term stay visa or a long-term stay visa;
• legal assistance on the steps applicable for obtaining a residence permit, necessary when the immigration in Frankfurt period is longer than three months;
• advice on applying for various types of employment permits;
• legal information on the latest modifications of the law regulating employment relations and other branches of law addressed to immigrants;
• advice on the procedure for obtaining German citizenship;
• legal representation for businessmen who want to invest in Germany;
• legal representation addressed to persons who have fled their native countries due to wars and other life-threatening situations.

German citizenship applications also enter the attention of our lawyers.

Who needs a visa for immigration in Frankfurt?

The visa is a type of document that provides the possibility of staying in Frankfurt, Germany, for a given period of time and for a specific purpose. According to the laws applicable at the level of the European Union (EU), Germany can issue transit visas, which can be used only for transiting the airport where the foreigner has a connecting flight to another destination, Schengen visas or national visas, this being the main classification based on the duration of the stay.

According to the Germany immigration law, foreigners can obtain visas issued for purposes such as employment, tourism, visiting family or friends living in Germany, doing business, participating in fairs, participating in training and others. Foreigners interested in immigration in Frankfurt must also know that they can also obtain visas for medical purposes, however, these cannot be used for obtaining a residence permit in Germany.

The necessity of applying for a visa varies based on the nationality of the applicant. EU nationals do not need a visa for Germany and the requirement is generally addressed to nationals of third countries. While the nationals of certain countries will have to apply for a transit visa, the nationals of other countries will be able to arrive in Germany and live here for up to three months without having applied for a short-term visa.

Our immigration lawyer in Germany can present more information on the visa classification based on the nationality of the applicants, who can also help foreigners with in-depth advice on the visa application process and the documents foreigners should present with the Germany embassies and with the Federal Office for Foreigners.

If you have questions about German citizenship, you can rely on our lawyers in Frankfurt.

How many foreigners live in Frankfurt?

Germany is nowadays the home of a very diverse population. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, the foreign population of the country accounts for one-eighth of the country’s total population, which is comprised of 83 million persons. Foreigners live in the largest cities of the country, as immigration in Frankfurt, Berlin or Munich is very common. In Frankfurt, the following apply:

• in 2009, Frankfurt had a population of 671,927 persons, out of which 20,80% represented foreign-born persons;
• in 2017, foreigners accounted for 216,593 persons, which represented 29% of the total population living in Frankfurt;
• in 2017, foreign men accounted for 50,63% of all the foreigners, while women accounted for 49,37%;
• in 2015, it was estimated that 51,2% of the city’s entire population had an immigrant background;
• although the city has numerous ethnic minorities, the largest which was interested in immigration to Frankfurt is represented by Turks, who account for approximately 13% of the city’s population.

We invite persons who are interested in the legal procedures related to relocation to Germany to address our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Germany has the necessary expertise to represent those who want to obtain a residence permit, apply for a visa, obtain a permanent residence permit, or obtain German citizenship.