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Immigration Services in Berlin

Immigration Services in Berlin

Germany is one of the European countries with the highest rates of immigrants. This country accounts for one of the highest rates of foreign workforce, but it also has one of the highest numbers of asylum seekers. The Germany migration law also covers family reunification programs and the legal procedures through which foreign investors can relocate here for starting a business.

In Germany, Berlin stands out as one of the cities with the highest share of foreigners, drawn here due to the city’s developed economy and standard of living. Our immigration lawyer in Germany can present the legal procedures one should expect when relocating here and you can easily address our lawyer if you are interested in immigration in Berlin.

Persons who are interested in moving to Germany, and, more specifically, in immigration in Berlin, can receive legal advice on how to obtain a temporary or a permanent residence permit, how to apply for a visa (which can be issued for a variety of reasons), the conditions one should comply with in order to receive German citizenship and any other legal issue related to immigration.

Our lawyers in Berlin can also advise on how to obtain a residence permit in Germany.

What are the basic services related to immigration in Berlin?

Our immigration lawyer in Germany is prepared to represent international clients in a wide range of situations, that can vary from natural persons seeking asylum in this country to foreign investors wishing to obtain a visa or a residence permit (for themselves and their families) in order to start a company here. Some of the basic services available for those interested in immigration in Berlin are presented below:

• obtaining a visa – the visa can be issued for a short-term basis or a long-term basis (meaning, visits with a duration of less than 90 days and visits longer than 90 days);
• obtaining a visa for a specific purpose – visas can be issued for those moving to Germany to study here, work in this country, for family reunification programs and other situations defined by the national law;
• obtaining a residence permit – generally issued for work purposes, family reunification programs, business, but it can also be issued for humanitarian reasons;
• helping refugees in obtaining the right of living and working here, as per the rules and the regulations prescribed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees;
applying for German citizenship – most of the foreigners can obtain citizenship through naturalization, which implies that they have been living here for a prescribed period of time.

The residence permit in Germany can be obtained quite fast with the help of our lawyers.

How can highly skilled workers immigrate to Berlin?

The manner in which a foreign highly skilled worker can immigrate to Berlin, Germany, will vary based on the nationality of the respective person. It must be noted that the citizens of the European Union (EU) do not have to apply for any type of immigration document and, if they are interested in immigration in Berlin, they can simply relocate here and benefit from a job opportunity as any other German citizen.

However, in the case of citizens of countries outside the EU, a work permit will be required. Depending on the nationality of the applicant, a visa might also be needed, according to the Germany immigration legislation. As a highly-skilled worker, one can apply for the EU Blue Permit, which is a type of document that grants the right of working in all the EU member states, as long as the person has graduated from the tertiary education system.

The applicant must also have a work contract with a German employer and a minimum yearly salary of EUR 55,200. Obviously, the work contract must be concluded in the field in which the person has proven qualifications. In the case of citizens from countries such as New Zealand or Canada, the Germany migration law does not impose the issuance of a visa when applying for an EU Blue Permit.

Our immigration lawyer in Germany can present more details to those who want to obtain an EU Blue Card for immigration in Berlin. The city of Berlin attracts not only foreign workforce from countries outside the EU, but also persons living in western European countries. Currently, the foreign population of Berlin is represented by the following:

immigration in Berlin is highly popular, as there are foreigners from more than 190 countries;
• in 2019, Berlin was the home of approximately 777,345 foreign persons;
• during 2019, the city received more than 33,000 new foreign residents;
• the city of Berlin is very diverse, and in 2019, approximately 21% of its population was foreign-born;
• the residents of Berlin are considered to be young, as 55% of the city’s population has an age below 45 years.

Please address our immigration lawyer in Germany for more details on the services you can benefit from when relocating here. Regardless if you are interested in immigration in Berlin or in other German cities or regions, our lawyer can be of assistance in any legal matter and can help you ease the process of arriving here. We can help you apply for German citizenship.