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Immigration Lawyer in Cologne

Immigration Lawyer in Cologne

If you want to immigrate to Germany, there are plenty of cities you can choose from. Among them, there is also Cologne, which is quite offering from an employment and business point of view. The main aspect to consider as a non-EU citizen is that you will need to acquire a German residence permit for a temporary stay, first.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Cologne explains why you should decide on this city in particular and how they can help you relocate here.

Services available in Cologne

The city of Koln in German is one of the largest in the country, the 4th to be more specific, and also the biggest in North Rhine-Westphalia. As in all other parts of the world, its size suffices to attract foreign citizens and investors thanks to the great number of development possibilities.

So, if you decide to move to Germany and need support, here is how our immigration lawyer in Cologne can help you:

  1. by offering support to those who want to study in Germany;
  2. by giving assistance to foreign citizens who are interested in family reunification;
  3. by providing immigration services for people who want to relocate to Germany, Cologne for employment purposes;
  4. by being at the service of those who need legal representation to open a business in Cologne and move here as investors;
  5. by offering assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Germany by other means, which enables one to live legally in this country.

If you have been living in Cologne for more than 8 years, you can also rely on our specialist to apply for German citizenship.

Development opportunities in Cologne

Based on the reason of immigration to Germany, you will find plenty of opportunities in Cologne. For example:

  • as a student you can enroll in one of 12 universities in Cologne that have more than 170 programs in English – for this, you will need a student visa;
  • as a future employee, you can find employment in sectors like media, marketing, IT, automotive, aerospace, and tourism, for which you will need a work permit as well as a German residence permit if you are a non-EU citizen coming to Europe for the first time;
  • as an investor, the same industries mentioned above will help you develop your own business.

We remind you that for all types of residence permits you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Cologne so that you can move there as soon as possible.

Finding accommodation in Cologne

No matter if you decide to rent or buy, our Cologne-based immigration lawyer will help you with tips about how to find a suitable place to live, as well as with legal advice on the existing types of contracts and what you should be aware of when signing.

Here are also some ballpark numbers of the living costs in Cologne, as gathered by

  • the average rent starts at 700 euros for a one-bedroom apartment and up to 1,200 euros for a 3-bed room apartment (please note these prices are for locations outside the city center);
  • the average cost per square meter starts at 4,400 euros at the outskirts of the city and can surpass 5,700 euros in the city center;
  • the average salary in Cologne is around 2,422 euros.

If you need more information on the best way to move to Germany, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Cologne.

Why move to Cologne

If you want to relocate to Germany and want to live in one of the best-developed cities, Cologne will be a great choice. With great attractions, an excellent infrastructure, a healthcare system, and access to some of the best industries in the country, the city will definitely meet your expectations.

If you decide to relocate to Germany, get in touch with our immigration lawyer in Cologne for professional support.