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Immigration Lawyer in Frankfurt

Immigration Lawyer in Frankfurt

Foreign citizens who decide to move to Germany can benefit from the experience of our immigration lawyers who are at their service with tailored support. Our specialists can help persons who want to relocate here for temporary or long-term stays, as well as those who intend to establish themselves here permanently. Because we want to help as many clients as we can, if you are interested in Frankfurt immigration, you can discuss your options with our specialist here.

Our immigration lawyer in Frankfurt will help you no matter the type of visa you are interested in and will guide you on the entire relocation process.

The main services provided by our immigration lawyer in Frankfurt

The German immigration regulations are comprehensive and must be thoroughly checked before applying for any type of visa. However, this is why our immigration lawyers in Germany are here: to help you skip going through hundreds of pages in order to see if you can move here or how you can relocate here.

Here are the main services you can rely on us if you are interested in Frankfurt immigration:

  1. assistance in finding a type of visa or residence permit that suits your needs;
  2. support in checking if you meet the eligibility criteria for a work permit if you are a non-EU citizen;
  3. guidance in applying for an investor visa, if you want to immigrate to Germany this way;
  4. assistance in applying for German permanent residency and/or citizenship;
  5. support in bringing family members to Frankfurt, if you are already established here;
  6. services related to document renewal.

If there is any service we did not mention here, we encourage you to use our contact form on this website and ask us about it.

Our immigration law firm in Germany is also present in other cities, such as Berlin, if you want to move to the capital of this country.

Support for first-time comers to Germany

If you are planning to come to Germany for the first time and decide on Frankfurt, our immigration lawyer here will provide all the support you need in matters like:

  • choosing a suitable type of visa that enables you to legally live here for the time you want;
  • assistance in verifying documents like employment contracts, rental agreements;
  • guidance on the authorities to enroll with once arrived in the country;
  • tips on how to find rent or property to purchase, if this is what you are interested in.

This is also what differentiates us from other service providers: our immigration lawyer in Frankfurt can also offer valuable advice on non-legal matters in order to ease your stay here.

Moving to Germany from EU countries

Even if most visas that need to be obtained when migrating to Germany are available for non-EU citizens, persons entering the country from EU states must also complete various formalities upon arrival. Among these, they need to register with the local authorities of the city they live in within 3 months from entering the country.

If have decided on Frankfurt immigration, you need to register with the Citizens’ Registration Service in order to legally live here. You can also rely on the same service provided by our immigration lawyer in Germany in other cities, among which there is also Munich.

Types of German visas available for non-EU citizens

One of the most sought services provided by our immigration lawyer in Frankfurt is related to obtaining a residence permit as a non-EU citizen. This document can be obtained based on employment, investment, retirement, as well as under other conditions.

In order to obtain it, you must meet certain requirements that must be met in accordance with the type of permit you apply for. Non-EU citizens usually relocate to Germany based on employment, a case in which the work contract will be one of the papers requested by the immigration authorities to issue the entry visa.

The family reunion visa is another type of permit requested by non-EU citizens who are well-established here and want to bring their life partners and children to live with them. Our lawyers can help if you find yourself in this situation and want to reunite with your spouse.

Data on Frankfurt’s population

If you are interested in Frankfurt immigration, you should know that the city was home to 791,000 citizens at the beginning of 2022, according to this data. Furthermore:

  • at the level of 2021, there were 785,000 inhabitants in this city;
  • in 2020, Frankfurt’s population increased by 1.04% compared to 2019, reaching 777,000 inhabitants;
  • at the level of 2019, there were 769,000 people living here.

If you want to move to this city, please contact our immigration lawyer in Frankfurt for tailored support and guidance.