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Move to Germany from Canada

Move to Germany from Canada

Depending on their nationality, persons moving to Germany will have to conclude various legal procedures. In the case of Canadian citizens relocating to Germany for a short period of time, of up to 90 days in a total 180 days period, the German legislation does not require them to apply for a short-term visa (the Schengen visa). This means that, as long as they have a valid passport, they can easily arrive here for visiting Germany and the Schengen states.

However, those who want to move to Germany from Canada for a short period of time, and who are not Canadian nationals, will have to follow different regulations. In this specific case, non-Canadian citizens who have a residence permit issued by the Canadian authorities may need to apply for a visa, but this can also depend on the nationality of the applicant; our immigration lawyer in Germany can present more details regarding this specific situation. We can advise on how to apply for a residence permit in Germany.

We can also advise on the conditions of obtaining German citizenship.

How can Canadians apply for the Youth Mobility Visa in Germany?

Apart from the usual types of visas that can be obtained by persons who want to move to Germany from Canada, Canadian citizens also have the option of applying for the Youth Mobility Visa. The Youth Mobility Visa was created under the Youth Mobility Agreement signed between Germany and Canada with the purpose of aiding young persons in enhancing their work experience in their field of studies while living in Germany.

According to the German immigration law, the Youth Mobility Visa can be obtained by Canadian citizens who have ages between 18 to 35 years old who want to complete their post-secondary education and work in this country. It must be noted that this type of visa can be acquired only by those who consider moving to Germany for a period of a minimum of 90 days.

Persons who want to move to Germany from Canada must be aware that the visa processing can last approximately 3 weeks and that the document is compulsory for developing their activity on the German territory and this is why the formalities have to be taken prior to the arrival in Germany. Some of the basic conditions for obtaining the Youth Mobility Visa are the following:

• the applicant must have the Canadian citizenship and be the holder of a valid Canadian passport;
• must have a minimum age of 18 years old and of maximum 35 years at the moment when the application is made;
• the applicant must not be accompanied by dependent family members if he or she wants to move to Germany from Canada under this type of visa;
• the person must be a young professional who wants to acquire further knowledge on the German culture while having an employment contract in Germany;
• the applicant moving to Germany can also do an internship here or a training necessary for his or her field of studies;
• the visa is also addressed to those who want to visit the country while being able to develop a work activity in Germany.

When applying for this type of visa, the person interested to move to Germany from Canada should verify the list of forms that are to be completed, and the official requirements for this nationality are presented by the German Missions in Canada where the applications have to be submitted. Information on German citizenship can also be found there.

How many Canadians live in Germany?

Germany represents one of the European countries with the highest number of foreigners relocated here for employment or for other purposes. The foreign population moving to Germany is generally divided between immigrants, expats, and refugees. Our immigration lawyer in Germany can present the legal procedures for moving here, depending on the category in which the person is included. With regards to the number of expats who chose to move to Germany from Canada, we present the following:

Germany had a total of 231,000 native English speaking expats (in 2005), out of which 12,929 were Canadians;
• in 2005, there were 1,216 Canadians living in the city of Berlin;
• in 2012, more Canadians decided to move to Germany from Canada and, in that year, there were 2,963 persons relocated to Berlin;
• in 2014, in a study analyzing the quality of life of expats living in Germany, a share of 47% declared that they are satisfied with living in this country, while 20% declared that they are very satisfied with the conditions of living in Germany;
• 50% of the expats living here work as employees or managers in local companies, while 9% of the foreigners are enrolled in local universities.

Persons who are interested to move to Germany from Canada are invited to request more details on the legal steps they should take from our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Germany can present other types of visas available for Canadian citizens and can also assist with advice on any other legal procedures foreigners should comply with after their arrival. We can help you obtain the residence permit in Germany.