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Immigration Services in Munich

Immigration Services in Munich

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and has a very developed economy. It represents a major business center and it currently has the third-largest office density in Europe. It is the home of numerous businesses and small and medium-sized companies, and therefore foreign persons are drawn to immigration in Munich, besides other advantages.

Our immigration lawyer in Germany can represent foreigners regardless of their nationality in various processes related to immigration in Munich, such as obtaining a residence permit, applying for a visa, seeking asylum, getting married to a German citizen, obtaining German citizenship or obtaining a visa for a specific purpose.

What are the types of residence permits for immigration in Munich?

A residence permit is a type of document that provides the right to legally reside in Germany. From a legal point of view, the residence permit is required only in the case in which a foreign person will reside in Germany for at least 90 days. In the case in which one is interested in immigration in Munich for more than 90 days, then the person should apply for a temporary residence permit.

As per the Germany migration legislation, which follows the directive imposed at the level of the European Union (EU), the citizens of the EU and the citizens of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not need to apply for residence. However, all other nationalities are required to take all the steps imposed by the law when moving to Germany.

The type of permit the foreigner will need for immigration in Munich will depend on the duration of the stay. For instance, stays with a duration longer than 90 days and up to one year will require a temporary residence permit (or the limited residence permit).

There is also the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit, but the document can be requested only after having lived here for several years. You can request information on the legal grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit from our immigration lawyer in Germany.

Finding a place to stay is very important when moving to Germany. Apart from ensuring you the necessary living conditions, it is also one of the essential criteria for being issued a German residence permit. Contact us for information on all the documents you need to prepare in order to obtain this valuable visa.

How can our lawyer assist foreigners interested in immigration in Munich?

One of the main legal services foreign immigrants are interested in refers to the issuance of the residence permit, given the fact that most of the foreigners arrive in Germany with the purpose of staying for a longer period of time or even relocate here permanently.

Depending on the nationality of the foreigner, one may need to obtain a visa. Our immigration lawyer in Germany can help in applying for a short-term visa – the Schengen visa, which provides the right to stay in this country for up to 90 days. Still, certain third-country nationalities can arrive here without having this visa, the only condition being to have a valid passport and not engage in any activities that will provide them with an income.

The Germany immigration law provides the right of obtaining a long-term visa as well. This is the national visa, a document that can be issued for a wide range of situations. Besides the types of permits mentioned above, foreigners can also obtain a residence permit for asylum seekers. The law is implemented by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Foreigners already living in Germany can continue the process of immigration in Munich by bringing their close family members living abroad, who can also benefit from the right of obtaining a residence permit or German citizenship after years of continuous living here.

Investors in Munich can apply for a German investment visa. Our team can outline the conditions for the investment and the process for remaining in the country for business purposes.

What are the immigration trends in Germany?

Immigration in Munich, Frankfurt and other major cities in Germany is very popular amongst foreigners. The immigration rates have varied over the years but, as a general rule, the country has one of the highest rates of immigrants, expats and asylum seekers registered in Europe, with the following highlights:

• in 2017, most of the immigrants arrived from EU countries (67% of them);
• while in 2016, Germany received 722,370 asylum applications, in 2017, the rate decreased rapidly, at 198,317 applications;
• in 2016, the German authorities issued 105,551 residence permits for family reunification programs for family members of persons from third countries;
• in 2017, the number of residence permits issued for family reunification programs increased at 114,861;
• in 2016, 101,294 foreign students enrolled in German universities and in 2017, their number increased by 3,6%.

Persons moving to Germany, regardless of their purpose of stay, are invited to contact our lawyer for in-depth legal assistance. Our immigration lawyer in Germany can provide tailored advice to any person interested in immigration in Munich or other major German cities.

Get in touch with us if you want to apply for German citizenship. Our immigration specialists can advise on the best course of action and how to prepare to obtain this document as soon as possible. However, you should know that the process can be quite lengthy due to the many applications the authorities receive.