Obtain Citizenship by Descent in Germany

Foreign citizens who move to Germany are usually interested in living their entire lives in one of the most appreciated and economically prolific countries in the world and in Europe. This is why most of them are interested in first obtaining permanent residence followed by citizenship.

One category of foreigners who is privileged is that of citizens born or who moved abroad and want to move back to their home countries. They can obtain citizenship by descent in Germany. However, there are various aspects to consider before applying for a German passport based on ancestry.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Germany invite you to discover how you can obtain citizenship by descent in this country. You can rely on us for the entire procedure.

Citizenship options for foreigners in Germany

There are several ways through which a foreign citizen can acquire German citizenship. The simplest way implies naturalization, however, there are also other possibilities, such as marriage, investment, and descent. Out of all the options, one must choose based on specific criteria he or she must meet.

Obtaining citizenship by descent in Germany implies a thorough verification of one’s ancestors followed by the submission of various documents with the Federal Foreign Office.

Our immigration law firm in Germany can help you no matter the path you choose for obtaining a German passport.

Conditions for obtaining German citizenship by descent

Compared to other means of acquiring a passport, obtaining citizenship by descent implies the satisfaction of specific requirements. Any of the following ancestry requisites may apply:

  1. the applicant has German ancestors who have been stripped way their citizenship under the Nazi occupation in 1938;
  2. the applicant was born before 1975 and has a German father;
  3. the applicant was born after 1975 and a German father or mother;
  4. the was born after June 1993 as an illegitimate child of a German citizen (father), however, managed to prove paternity before the age of 23.

Under these conditions, one may be granted German citizenship automatically based on a few documents, while in other cases, the procedure is more complicated in terms of paperwork. Either way, we invite you to submit an inquiry with our immigration law firm in Germany for a detailed assessment of your case.

The procedure for acquiring citizenship by descent in Germany

The procedure for applying for a German passport through ancestry can begin with the German embassy or consulate the applicant resides in or is a citizen of at this time. However, he or she will need to gather all the necessary documents that attest to his or her German ancestors.

These documents must be appended to the application form alongside the foreign citizen’s passport and filed with the Federal Foreign Office in Germany.

Our lawyers in Germany can support you during the immigration procedure if you want to obtain citizenship by descent.

Other means through which German citizenship by ancestry can be obtained

Provided that one falls under the conditions mentioned above, he or she can acquire German citizenship by ancestry automatically once proving one’s ties to the German people. Apart from the requirements presented earlier, German citizens who live abroad and have their children born there can make all the necessary arrangements for their children to be declared German citizens if they register them with the embassy or consulate in the respective country before the minors turn one year old.

Adoption is another way through which citizenship can be acquired.

If you are planning to immigrate to Germany and need guidance, our specialized lawyers are at your service.

Foreign citizens living in Germany

There is also the case of foreign citizens living in Germany and having their children born in this country. In their case, at least one of the parents must be a permanent resident here in order to register the children as German citizens. The conditions in this case are:

  • at least one of the parents must have lived in Germany for 8 years;
  • for children born after August 2007, one of the parents must have obtained permanent residency.

If you have any questions on how to obtain citizenship by descent in Germany, you can send them to our lawyers.

Obtaining German citizenship by ancestry is one of the quickest ways of becoming a citizen of this country, which is why if you meet any of the requirements above and want to submit an application in this sense, our immigration lawyers are at your service with tailored support during the entire procedure. Do not hesitate to contact us and present your case to start the procedure as soon as possible.