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Immigration Lawyer Germany

Immigration Lawyer Germany

Requesting the services of an immigration lawyer in Germany can be a solution for those interested in relocating to this country, especially when they are not familiarized with the legal requirements that they should follow, the order of the steps for obtaining various documents and other matters that are of high importance.

The procedures for Germany immigration will vary on the type of immigration document the foreigner is interested in obtaining here and this is why it is advisable to request professional legal assistance when applying for a residence permit or for a visa or, in the case of those who want to settle here for a permanent basis, on the procedures for becoming a German citizen.

Below, our immigration lawyers present the main services we can provide you with, including on how to obtain a residence permit in Germany.

How can our immigration lawyer in Germany help foreigners?

Foreigners of all categories can rely on the professional assistance of our lawyer if they are interested in relocation to Germany. This means that our immigration lawyer in Germany can offer legal representation and advice on the applicable legislation in the field to nationals of member states of the European Union (EU), who benefit from the right to free movement, to non-EU nationals and to the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK), who are now in the transition period as a consequence of Brexit.

Some of the basic ways our lawyers can be of help are the one mentioned below:

• providing legal assistance to persons who need to apply for a short-term stay visa or a long-term visa;
• assisting persons who want to study in Germany and who need to apply for residence permits or visas;
• providing legal representation to foreigners who are considering Germany migration for the purpose of employment;
• offering legal advice and legal representation to asylum seekers, as per the regulations of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany;
• assisting persons who want to obtain the German investment visa, for the purpose of starting a business.

Through these visas, one can obtain a residence permit in Germany.

Our immigration lawyer in Germany can offer information on the types of visas available for foreigner moving to this country.

What are the basic entry documents for skilled workers in Germany?

Germany is one of the main economic pillars of the EU and one of the largest economies at a global level. Due to its highly developed economy, it is also one of the largest labor markets, attracting numerous immigrants interested in working and moving to Germany. Although Germany is an attractive market for all categories of workers, it also represents one of the main targets of highly skilled workers, who can apply for various types of immigration documents. You can request information on the documents required for obtaining an employment permit from our immigration lawyer in Germany.

The legal procedures for Germany migration for skilled workers are regulated by the Immigration Act for Skilled Workers, a piece of law which was enforced starting with the 1st of March 2020. The Act regulates the manner in which skilled workers from third countries can access the employment market in Germany. Under this new Act, foreign applicants can benefit from shorter processing procedures and our immigration lawyer in Germany can present the basic provisions stipulated by the new law.

At the moment, skilled workers have the opportunity of applying for various types of documents, which grants them the right of moving to Germany for a given period of time, depending on the type of employment contract they have here; they can apply for the EU Blue Card, a type of document which is addresses skilled workers, they can apply for intra-company transfers or for settlement permits for highly skilled specialists. With regards to the issuance of the EU Blue Card, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees presented the following data:

• the EU Blue Card grants the right of moving to Germany for employment purposes starting with 1st of August 2012, being regulated under the Section 19a of the Residence Act;
• since it was enforced under the national law, the number of EU Blue Cards issued here gradually increased (11,290 EU Blue Cards were issued in 2013 and 27,241 in 2018);
• the top nationality which applied for the issuance of the EU Blue Card in Germany is Indian, accounting for 7,556 cards issued in 2018;
• other top requests came from China, accounting for 2,178 permits, the Russian Federation (1,603 cards) and Turkey (1,298 cards).
• it must be noted that Germany is the leading country on the issuance of the EU Blue Card among EU countries, accounting for 84,5% of all the EU Blue Cards issued in EU states in 2017.

Skilled workers are also eligible for German citizenship.

Given that foreigners have numerous options when applying for Germany immigration, our lawyer is prepared to present all the legal procedures applicable to a specific case. Please mind that foreigners moving to Germany are also allowed to bring their close family members here; for more details on this procedure, we invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Germany, as well as for any other legal matter referring to relocating here and obtaining German citizenship.